Monday, October 4, 2010

Instant Gratification

I'm all about cheap, easy, quick ways to spruce up a room.  Don't get me wrong, I love making quilts and refinishing furniture and other time-consuming crafts, but if you give me a project I can finish in one night, I'll be one happy girl!  I recently moved into a brand new apartment.  It's great, but there are a LOT of sad, empty walls just screaming for me to give them a makeover.  Cic and I were at DI one day and she gave me the idea to put cute fabric in wooden hoops and hang them.  Later that night I was at Jo-Ann's, picking out my fabric.  About an hour and less than $20 later, my entry way was looking great!  I bought cross-stitching hoops in varying sizes and got small cuts of fabric to stretch across them.  Originally I was going to paint the hoops too, but I was too excited to wait, and in the end, I think that might have been too much color! I put the fabric in, attached the top layer of the hoop, cut off the excess, and voila!  I had a masterpiece.  I tied ribbons to the hoops to hang them at varying heights.   It was seriously so easy and fun, and I absolutely love the result!

The best part is, I can put new fabric in those babies whenever I want a new look!  Give it a try!  You just might fall in love.


  1. kay, I am officially addicted already. That is SO cute...and cheap and easy. LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks! Can you imagine how cute they would be in your little boys' rooms covered in adorable boy-ish fabric? The possibilities are endless :)