Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoe Cupboard Part 1

I recently moved into a new apartment, and my neighbor across the street said he had an old cupboard he was getting rid of, and asked if I'd like it.  It was just a basic cupboard:
 Not much to look at, but naturally, I saw it's potential.  I accepted his offer, and thought it would work beautifully for a shoe-closet in my entry way.  When people come in, they can throw their shoes in there and my entryway won't need to be littered with them.  Perfect, right?  I spray-painted it red, then used a good, old-fashioned stamp and applied blue paint to it to do the detail on it.  Of course, when I took pictures I took them all sideways and I still can't figure out how to rotate pictures on here... sorry about that.  But here's what it looks like now:
 Here's the side view, from the kitchen:
Cute, right?  I'm pretty excited about it.  The inside is going to be adorable too, but it's not done so you can't see it yet.  Keep an eye out for it though, it'll be here soon :)


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